About Mr. Lue:

Driven by a passion for purpose, Keith Lue is a CTE Digital Literacy and B.O.S. teacher at South Jordan Middle School.ย  Keith is a results-driven, global traveler, innovator, and strategic thinker with broad experience in high-tech and higher education. His unique blend of boardroom and classroom experience offers a student-focused, global- perspective devoted to lifelong learning and continuous improvement. Keith tries to make a difference wherever he works, from his customer relations skills honed as a newspaper boy for the San Francisco Examiner to his accelerated dishwashing techniques perfected as a 12-year old dishwasher/cook at Pepitos Mexican Restaurant.ย  Now 50+ years later, this former โ€œMicrosoft Top Contributorโ€ and retired Managing Director of BYU Alumni Relations is at it again trying to crack the code to meaningful life work.

Keith Lue Resume and Recommendation Combined.pdf
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