Student Work Samples

Brightin Davis, Marketing Student

Marketing cannot be defined with ease, 

If you think so, then my apologies... 


Marketing can change quite often, 

And in a new environment,

You must proceed with caution.


Whether it's a change in demographic, 

or something geographic, 

Finding a target audience is  essential, 

Or your product won't reach its full potential. 


If we dive deeper and take a closer look, 

It can be quite simple,

Like reading a book.


Just follow the four P's of Marketing, 

And your success just might start skyrocketing. 

You can examine the price,

Or the place to be more precise,

The Promotion might come in handy,

Even if your product happens to be candy.


Another thing you might want to consider,

Is how you want to conduct your research.

Secondary might be smart if you are a beginner,

Primary could help if you know how to search.


Examining the factors of your brand is important too,

Both Internal and External just to name two. 

If there's instability within the system, 

Knowing your company inside and out takes some wisdom.

You want to keep an eye on your competition,

So that you can secure your position. 


Overall if you plan to succeed, 

Then follow these steps and you are guaranteed, 

 A handsome reward,

If only you keep pushing forward. 

Spencer Spendlove, Marketing Student

Once upon a time there were infomercials-

The boring ads that showed you how things worked.

Then marketers came and there were real commercials.

The kinds of ads that made people less irked.


Instead of cringe marketers brought emotion.

From tears to laughter they brought their A-game.

Making their audience's feelings flow like the ocean (total commotion).

They turned company's lame impressions to total fame.


Turn on the tv today and what do you see?

Emotional ads for companies like Disney, Coke, and Apple

So powerful, nobody is willing to disagree

That these ads are too much to handle, even for a chapel.


You see these marketers know the Aristotelian appeals:

Ethos, logos, and pathos (together make the dream team).

From building credibility to flaring emotions, they'll knock you head over heels.

Using these skills, marketers are able to establish a company's theme.


Consumers, well they can be impulsive.

From satisfying their hungry desires to fulfilling their dreams,

Your everyday customer is almost always acting compulsive.

As spontaneous as it may seem, marketers got consumers coming in streams.


So if you ever want to become a professional marketer,

You got to learn how to convince the consumer

Through intriguing methods, don't be a telemarketer.

That's my take, it's not just a rumor - use appeals to convince the everyday boomer.